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commercial paintersJobs by Commercial painters don’t need to be expensive and disruptive to your business. Here at Jim’s Professional Painting, we understand the often complex commercial painting needs for businesses of all sizes. We know that you need a quality and efficient painting service by expert commercial painters. No matter the project size, you can expect top of the line painting services from us as Jim’s Painting has a pool of professional commercial painters.We will walk you through the management process, work within your budget, and discuss the entire plan before we start the project. Commercial painters will then proceed as soon as an agreement has been reached. Rest assured that you’re getting professional, safe, and high-quality painting when you choose to work with us. Contact us now for a free quote on your commercial painting needs.

Tough, Fast and Elegant For a smoother, More Beautiful Paint Finish.

We have fully trained and certified applicators that can finish your interior surfaces to a Level 5 Finish often specified by architects and designers.

Level 5 Finish by Jim’s Commercial Painters

There are 6 levels of finish defined in AS/NZS2589 for the installation and finishing of plasterboard. These are named Level 0 to Level 5 inclusive, with Level 5 being the highest standard. A Level 5 Finish should be used wherever gloss or semi-gloss paints or dark colours are to be used, and where critical lighting conditions occur with painted surfaces such as large flat wall and ceiling areas. It specifically addresses the issue of where severe glancing light will occur from large window openings or skylights, or where artificial silhouette and spot lighting is to be used.
Our Jim’s Professional Painter is USG trained and an approved Accredited Applicator, we can provide you with free painting quotes today. Using the unique USG Sheetrock brand Tuff-Hide (registered brand) Primer-Surfacer he coats interior plasterboard for a superior Level 5 Finsh ensuring smoother finshed walls and ceilings. The coating dries to a tough, durable, hard, abrasion resistant super white matt finish, which can be tinted. It requires NO or minimal sanding dramatically reducing dust and project completion times.

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